The Sponsor Group provides leadership and coordination for the Community Health Improvement Process in Kitsap County. In 2011, the Sponsor Group was formed by Kitsap County Health District, Harrison Medical Center, and United Way of Kitsap County. In 2013 a fourth member joined - The Kitsap Community Foundation and in 2014, a fifth member joined – Kitsap County


Kitsap Community Health Priorities (KCHP) is Kitsap County's health improvement process. In 2011, KCHP completed its Planning Phase where community representatives reviewed data, identified issues of concern and set the community health priorities:

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)
    • Prevent ACEs and reduce the negative impact of ACEs.
  • Behavioral Health Access
    • Ensure behavioral health care is accessible, available, and timely for all.
  • Affordable Housing
    • Increase affordable housing and make homelessness a one-time brief event
  • Prevent/Reduce Obesity
    • Make it easy for all residents to be physically active and ensure all residents have healthier food options.

In 2012, KCHP began its Action Phase where three Working Groups formed to address the community health priorities. Working Groups are comprised of volunteer community members who have developed action plans with strategies and measurable objectives.

KCHP is an ongoing process; in 2014 we updated and reviewed community data and continue to evaluate progress on the health priorities.

The next set of priorities will be selected in 2020. 

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Kitsap Community Health Priorities (KCHP)